EU commission fines Google

Written by  Jun 28, 2017

The European Commission has fined Google 2.42bn euros for abusing its power by promoting its own shopping comparison service at the top of search results.

BBC reports that the amount is the regulator's largest penalty to date against a company accused of interfering with the market.

The European Union's Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said what Google has done is illegal under EU antitrust rules. Vestager explained that Google has denied other companies the chance to compete on their merits and to innovate, and most importantly it has denied European consumers the benefits of competition, genuine choice and innovation.

In addition, the ruling orders Google to end its anti-competitive practices within 90 days or face a further penalty.

If it fails to change the way it operates the Shopping service within the deadline, Google could be forced to pay 5% of its parent company's average daily worldwide earnings, which amounts to about $14m a day.

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